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TYR 4th Little Warriors Swimming League 2023: A Triumph of Skill and Sportsmanship


Oct 14, 2023

By: Coach Emer Matienzo

Paco, Manila, October 14, 2023—The Philippine Columbian Association swimming pool in Paco, Manila, recently played host to a spectacular showcase of aquatic prowess and youthful dedication at the TYR 4th Little Warriors Swimming League 2023. The event, organized by the esteemed Cavite Blue Wahoo Swimming Club, witnessed a gathering of over 200 novice swimmers, each poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of competitive swimming.

Novice Swimmers Make a Splash
In the break of dawn, the aquatic arena was transformed into a battleground of young swimmers in the novice category, overseen by the watchful eye of the host team head coach, Mr. Hans Rafael Sumalde. As the sun’s rays danced on the water’s surface, the participants exhibited unwavering enthusiasm, marking the commencement of a memorable day in the realm of aquatics.

All participants were graciously adorned with TYR t-shirts, a symbol of commitment to promoting the spirit of swimming. In addition, the meet demonstrated an unwavering commitment to hygiene and safety by providing alcohol sprayers to all heat winners, ensuring the wellbeing of every athlete.

Honoring Officiating Officials
The organizers recognized the pivotal role played by officiating officials in maintaining the integrity and fairness of the competition. Solid Coaches President Ronald Nicdao led a team of dedicated officials who were not only greeted with gratitude but also a sumptuous and well-deserved breakfast, further underscoring the event’s deep appreciation for their tireless efforts.

The support for officiating officials extended beyond morning sustenance, as the organizers ensured that a lavish lunch and merienda (snacks) were provided to keep the officials refreshed and energized throughout the day.

The meet referee, Marvin Villa, ensured the competition maintained its high standards and followed the prescribed regulations.

In a gesture of recognition for the mentors of these young athletes, monetary incentives were presented to coaches, in addition to the TYR shirts. This acknowledgement reflected the commitment to promoting growth within the swimming community.

Rising Stars Among Novice Swimmers
The TYR 4th Little Warriors Swimming League 2023 revealed remarkable talent in various age groups. Notable swimmers who emerged as stars of the day included:

6 and Under: Andrea Aglibut and Duke Casilihan.
7-Year-Olds: Princess Asia Vazquez and Jendel Roi Diaz.
8-Year-Olds: Ruiey Joy Florendo and Andrei Mesa.
9-Year-Olds: Robyn Mejia and Joaquin Pagcaliwagan.
10-Year-Olds: Kym Hillary So and Qarin Ibn Arafat Reyes.
11-Year-Olds: Rhianne Kaw and Kevin Pe.
12-Year-Olds: Marian Mesa and Laurence Kyle Banawa.
13-Year-Olds: Rose Feliciano and Joaquin Antonio Santillan.
14-Year-Olds: Princess Madela Labay and Mark Francis Denieva.
Girls 15 and Over: Jenica Chua.
These young athletes left spectators in awe of their dedication, skill, and promise for the future.

Distinguished Guests and Class C Thrills
The TYR 4th Little Warriors Swimming League 2023 garnered the attention of notable personalities in the field of sports. Dipolog City’s sports-minded Mayor Darel Uy and Batangas City’s supportive Vice Mayor Alyssa Renee Cruz-Atienza graced the event.

Councilor Serge Atienza, radiating elegance, presented trophies to the outstanding swimmers, contributing to the aura of excellence that permeated the competition.

Following a brief yet intense rain shower, the Class C meet commenced at 1:00 PM. This category unveiled a constellation of top swimmers, each demonstrating their mettle and determination.

Outstanding athletes of the Class C meet included Rianna Frances Montesa, Paul Andre Salazar, Zia Aevery Valera, George Clevic Daluz, Alliana Salazar, Joaquin Rivera, Atasha Alyanah Bardon, Ramon Calix Ching, Alexa Escallar, Nelson Mandela Ritchie, Eulla Mariz Dela Cruz, and Hope Tarlit. These remarkable individuals showcased an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Swimming League Philippines President, Fred Galang Ancheta, oversaw the event’s smooth execution and served as the meet announcer, adding a touch of professionalism and prestige to the presentation and awarding of trophies to outstanding swimmers and the top three teams. Ancheta’s dedicated leadership underscored his competency and devotion to the sport of swimming in the Philippines.

The Team Highest Point Award was clinched by the Atlantean Dolphins Swimming Team, amassing an impressive 964 points, followed by the Cavite Blue Wahoos Swim Club with 615 points and the Balayan Tigers Swimming Club securing the third spot.

President Fred Galang Ancheta also took the opportunity to announce the forthcoming competition, supported by SLP, which is scheduled for November 11. The Malabon Swim Team Class ABC and D swimming competition will grace the PCA pool, continuing the tradition of excellence in the world of swimming.

The TYR 4th Little Warriors Swimming League 2023 was a testament to the dedication, skill, and sportsmanship that define the sport of swimming. As we bid adieu to this year’s remarkable competitors, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their swimming journey as they continue to inspire and captivate audiences with their aquatic talents.

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