September 24, 2023

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21st ASEAN University Games to Showcase Thrilling Sports Action in Indonesia

By Coach Emer Matienzo

Surabaya and Malang Set to Host the Spectacular Event from June 25 to July 6, 2024

Surabaya, Indonesia: The 21st ASEAN University Games (AUG) is all set to take center stage, promising an unforgettable extravaganza of sportsmanship and competition. Scheduled to be officially organized in Surabaya and Malang, Indonesia, from June 25 to July 6, 2024, this sporting event is expected to bring together athletes from across the ASEAN region.

A Diverse Array of Sports
With a total of 21 sports on offer, the 21st AUG 2024 is gearing up to be a celebration of athletic prowess like never before. The featured sports include athletics, handball, petanque, tennis, futsal, basketball, 3×3 basketball, bridge, judo, taekwondo, swimming, chess, karate, sport climbing, volleyball, beach volleyball, badminton, archery, sepak takraw, wushu, and pencak silat. Athletes and sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness and participate in a wide range of disciplines.

Philippine Participation
For the Philippines, this event holds immense significance. The country’s representatives will compete in various sports, including beach volleyball and conventional volleyball from the 3rd Philippine University Volleyball League (PUVL), men’s basketball from the top team emerging from the 4th Philippine University Basketball League (PUBL) in January 2024, badminton for both men and women, chess for both men and women, tennis for both men and women, table tennis for both men and women, karate for both men and women, Wushu PWCCA Meicheng Shaolin Wushu for both men and women, and swimming for both men and women.

Chloe Isleta triumphantly capturing the gold medal in the 200-meter backstroke event at the ASEAN University Games held in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

FESSAP’s Call to Action
The Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) is calling upon schools to register for accreditation membership. By doing so, schools can actively participate, organize, or host qualifying tournaments. They can also try out for national events such as the Philippine University Championships/Leagues, National Students Championships, and various international competitions. Additionally, a swimming delegation tryout for the 21st ASEAN University Games is on the horizon, with details to be announced soon. This will be a combined tryout with the second tryout for Bahrain Gymnasiad, specially tailored for high school students.
FESSAP’s International Endeavors
In 2019, FESSAP achieved a significant milestone by becoming a regular member of the ASEAN University Sports Council (AUSC). Building on this achievement, the organization has established the AUSC-Philippines group, enabling members from numerous colleges and universities to engage in disciplines that suit their talents and interests.

The AUSC Family…Presidents, Secretary Generals, and Representatives from the ASEAN University Sports Federations (From left: Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, AUSC Former President, AUSC Secretary General, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, and Laos).

The Vision of FESSAP
The primary objective of FESSAP is to provide more opportunities for student-athletes to pursue their respective sports while fostering education, foreign exchange, goodwill, and friendship with student-athletes from Southeast Asian Nations.
Honoring Graham C. Lim
On August 30, 2023, Asia Pacific University Sports Union (APUSU) President Mustaza Ahmad bestowed a “Special Recognition” upon Graham C. Lim, CEO / Secretary General of FESSAP, with a 24-carat gold-plated pewter award. This recognition was in appreciation of Mr. Lim’s unwavering support for the successful hosting of the 1st and 2nd Asia Pacific University Games (APUG) in 2015 and 2017, both held in Cebu City in collaboration with University Cebu (UC). FESSAP, Inc. operates as a non-profit and non-stock organization, with its financial resources dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of its objectives.

Philippines Inter-School Sports Association (PISSA)
PISSA is taking the helm in organizing high school competitions in the Philippines. The organization is also gearing up to represent the Philippines in international sports under the International School Sports Federation (ISF). Founded in 1972, ISF is an international non-profit sports organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), uniting national school sport organizations worldwide and organizing sports and educational events for youth aged 6 to 18.
Exciting Developments in ISF
During the Under 15 Gymnasiad 2023 in Brazil, ISF Secretary General Hrvoje Custonja announced plans for an Under 12 Gymnasiad in 2025. The aim is to engage younger children aged 10, 11, and 12 in an international sporting environment, expanding their horizons and changing their lives.
Additionally, ISF is planning to launch the first edition of the World Teacher Games in 2024. This event, confirmed and in the process of selecting a host city, will feature a wide range of educational activities and sports. More international federations will be invited to conduct courses as part of this educational initiative.

The 21st AUG 2024 is poised to be a testament to the spirit of unity and competition among ASEAN nations, with the Philippines actively participating and fostering international goodwill through sports and education. Stay tuned for updates as this event unfolds, promising thrilling sports action and moments of inspiration for athletes and spectators alike.


6th Bosay Resort Aquatic Club Class ABC Invitational Meet Ends in Triumph

Bosay Resort, Philippines – September 9, 2023
The 6th Bosay Resort Aquatic Club Class ABC Invitational Meet concluded yesterday with a resounding success, marking a remarkable chapter in the realm of competitive swimming. This thrilling event, drew participation from a staggering 18 teams and 230 swimmers from across the Philippines, showcasing their aquatic prowess to an enthusiastic audience.

Triumph and Team Standings
The climax of the championship was the triumphant emergence of Ilustre East Aquatics, led by the esteemed International Head Coach Ramil Ilustre, as the undisputed champions. Ilustre’s talented team clinched the title with an impressive haul of 3560 points, solidifying their position at the pinnacle of aquatic excellence.
Notable performances from other top teams included:
• Bosay Resort Aquatic Club – 2nd Runner-Up with 1938 points
• Sienna College Taytay Swimming Ninjas – 3rd Runner-Up with 1509 points
• Assumption Antipolo Swim Team – 4th Runner-Up with 1313 points
• Aquaventure Giants Swim Club from Angono, Rizal – 5th Runner-Up with 1206 points

Records Shattered and Rising Stars
The invitational meet bore witness to the shattering of numerous records, a testament to the incredible talent on display. Standout achievements included:
• Jamen Rafael Bersamin of Ilustre Aquatics, rewriting records in the Boys 13-14 200 IM and 100-meter breaststroke.
• Sinagtala Cuevas of Paraiso ni Baste Swim Team, setting a new benchmark in the Girls 13-14 200 IM.
• Patricia Mae Santor of Ilustre Aquatics, claiming victory and records in the Girls 15-17 50-meter breaststroke and 50-meter butterfly.
• Diana Celyn Cruz of Ilustre Aquatics, shining in the Girls 18 and over 200 IM.
• Kristoff Daniel David of Ilustre Aquatics, leaving his mark in the Boys 15-17 50 backstrokes.
• Gregor Philippe Cenidoza of Ilustre Aquatics, displaying prowess in the Boys 6 and under 50 fly.
• Cia Luy of SCT Swimming Ninjas, showcasing exceptional talent in the Girls 6 and under 50-meter butterfly.
• Colin James Salcedo of Aquaknight Swim Team, impressing in the Boys 13-14 50-meter freestyle.
• Ilustre East Aquatics quartet, clinching victory in the Girls 13 and over 200-meter medley relay.

Sinagtala Cuevas, a talented swimmer from the Paraiso Ni Baste Swimming Club under the expert guidance of coach George Castro.

Sponsorship and Official Recognition
The event’s success was made possible through the generous support of sponsors, with TYR Philippines taking center stage as the main sponsor. TYR not only added a touch of elegance to the competition but also provided essential equipment such as stopwatches and backstroke flags. Additional sponsors, including Splash and Dash and Madwave, contributed to the overall excellence of the competition and Swim League Philippines supported the event.
The 6th Bosay Resort Aquatic Club Class ABC Invitational Meet garnered official recognition from both the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines and the Philippines Inter-School Sports Association. This prestigious event will also serve as a qualifying meet for the highly anticipated International School Sports Federation (ISF) Gymnasiade, scheduled for 2024 in Manama, Bahrain.

Inspirational Insights
Adding to the event’s prestige, Canadian Swimming Coach Wilfred Arzaga graced the competition with his presence and delivered inspirational talks, not only to swimmers but also to coaches and parents, sharing valuable insights into the world of competitive swimming.
Officiating Excellence
The meet’s seamless operation was ensured by a team of top officiating officials, led by Meet Director Edgar Galeno, Danilo Anore (Referee), and Sonny Villa (Starter), who maintained the integrity and order of the competition.

The 6th Bosay Resort Aquatic Club Class ABC Invitational Meet will be remembered for its incredible displays of talent, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Congratulations to all the participants, organizers, and sponsors for making this aquatic extravaganza an unforgettable success!
Stay tuned for more thrilling aquatic events in the future, as the world of swimming continues to flourish in the Philippines.


Thrilling Action Unveiled at the 2nd Susan Papa Legacy Swim Cup

Published on August 13, 2023

By Coach Emer Matienzo

Paco Manila: The aquatic arena came alive yesterday as the 2nd Susan Papa Legacy Swim Cup made a triumphant return to the Philippine Columbian Swimming Association swimming pool. With the sun beaming down and spirits soaring high, the event proved to be a dazzling spectacle of athleticism and dedication.

Graced by the guiding hand of SLP President Fred Galang Ancheta, this much-anticipated competition attracted a remarkable turnout, although logistical limitations forced the unfortunate rejection of nearly 200 eager swimmers from the pool of almost 700 entrants. A testament to the sport’s popularity, this obstacle didn’t dampen the enthusiasm as competitors took to the water with fervor.

SLP Pres. Fred Galang Ancheta

The event was divided into two engaging sessions. The morning session, reserved for the novice division, showcased the bulk of the participants who demonstrated their emerging talents. The dawn saw the action kick off at 7:30 am, with the arena echoing with the splashes and cheers of the swimmers and spectators alike. The session spanned until noon, providing a glimpse into the promising future of Philippine swimming.

Following a quick hiatus to prepare, the afternoon session unfolded with Class ABC swimmers ready to claim their spot in the limelight. Commencing promptly at 1:00 pm after a series of invigorating warm-ups, the Class ABC division exhibited a mix of vigor and finesse as swimmers navigated the lanes in pursuit of victory. To ensure a timely conclusion, relay events were tactically removed, ensuring the competition’s end before 6:30 pm, much to the appreciation of athletes and attendees.

While the skies remained unburdened by rain, a minor hiccup occurred when the meet had to momentarily pause due to snapped lane lines. This temporary setback, however, was met with resilience as organizers promptly attended to the situation, keeping the momentum flowing.

In the novice division, a cohort of exceptional male swimmers dominated the scene across various age categories. Noteworthy mentions included Fabian Ramos (6 and under), Ronaldhino Lopez (7 years old), Andrei Mesa (8 years old), Ennio Reyes (9 years old), Polex Santos (10 years old), Romer Canuto (11 years old), Lee La Madrid (12 years old), Jhoncarlo Araza (14 years old), Paolo Obial (15 years old), Razle Salvatierra (16 years old), and Abdula Salahudin (17 and over). On the female front, the novice girls division was equally illustrious, featuring standout talents such as Skyler Sofia Toribio (6 and under), Dominique Savilla (7 years old), Robin Mejla (8 years old), and others who etched their names in the competition’s history.

MOS of Class ABC

The top podium spot in the novice division was emphatically secured by the Sharknado Swimming Team, which amassed an impressive 395.50 points. Batangas City Brad seized the second position with 317 points, with Sec Sharks Swim Club following closely with 312 points. The Body and Mind Swim Club secured a commendable 306 points, while the San Pablo Titans and Sharpeedo Swimming Team claimed 194 and 190.50 points, respectively.

As the sun set on a day laden with aquatic glory, the Class A division stepped into the spotlight with unparalleled fervor. Distinct male talents emerged victorious, including Aleph Avellanosa (6 and under), Red Carido (7-8 years old), and others who left their mark in their age categories. Their female counterparts equally dazzled the audience, as exemplified by the accomplishments of Amity Cardenas (6 and under), Pia Magat (6 and under), and various other swimmers across different age groups.

The crowning moment arrived with the Class ABC division, as the top six teams showcased their supremacy. Batangas City Brad emerged triumphant, amassing an astonishing 584 points, followed closely by the San Pablo Titans with a remarkable 398 points. Galleon Tankers Swim Club, Bosay Resort Aquatic Club, Sharpeedo Swimming Team, and the Joey Andaya Seagulls Swim Team showcased their mettle, securing their places with 385, 373, 351.50, and 276 points, respectively.

Discussing SLP’s future plans

The day wasn’t just about the exhilarating competition; it also saw SLP President Fred Galang Ancheta share future plans and initiatives. Among them are the introduction of new swimming competition formats featuring long-distance events, the incorporation of semi-automatic timing systems, and the utilization of Team Manager software tailored for coaches of Swim League Philippines.

The anticipation in the air was palpable as discussions revolved around upcoming events. The Canadian Coach Wilfred Arzaga’s seminar, fresh from his sojourn in Canada, drew excitement. The Bosay Resort Aquatic Club Class ABC Invitational, set for September 9, 2023, was also announced, with the added distinction of being a qualifying event for the 2024 International School Sports Association in Manama, Bahrain. The Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) confirmed that the ISF meet would feature top swimming countries like Australia, the USA, Japan, China, and more. The Bosay Resort Class ABC Invitational Meet also aims to elevate novice swimmers by introducing them to a 50-meter pool, providing them with an opportunity to potentially progress from the novice level to Class B or C as they refine their skills and rankings.

As the sun set on a day filled with fervent competition and indomitable spirits, the 2nd Susan Papa Legacy Swim Cup proved to be a resounding success, a testament to the dedication and passion of swimmers, coaches, and organizers alike. The legacy of Susan Papa continues to inspire and empower the swimming community, and this event serves as a tribute to her enduring influence on the sport.

Coach Susan Papa and the writer
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