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Anniversary Swimming Meet: “The Swim Battle” Launches International Competition


Jun 23, 2024

By: Coach Emer Matienzo
Bosay Resort Aquatic Club

June 22, 2024 – Muntinlupa Aquatic Center

The Muntinlupa Aquatic Center buzzed with excitement yesterday as it hosted the 6th Anniversary Swimming Meet, dubbed “The Swim Battle.” This event marked the beginning of a thrilling series of three competitions focused on distance swimming, organized and hosted by Swim League Philippines (SLP) under the capable leadership of President Fred Ancheta.

Class ABC swimmers warm up for the competition

A Global Gathering of Talent
This prestigious meet drew 70 teams and 750 swimmers, handpicked from an overwhelming 1,657 entries across 119 teams. The rigorous selection aimed to maintain the quality and orderliness of the competition. Swimmers and teams from various corners of the globe, including Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, and Guam, joined their Filipino counterparts in a display of international camaraderie and fierce competition. Notably, the powerhouse team from Guam, Amphibious Aquatics, brought their top female swimmer, Mia Lee, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Coaches Meeting

Exceptional Performances and Records
From the first race, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The meet featured distance event that tested the endurance and skill of the swimmers, showcasing both seasoned athletes and rising stars. Standout performers included Anika Unay, Dominique Savilla, Orianthi Gamboa, Mary Maurelle Montecillo, Eryza Buizon, Mia Lee, Nicole Sy, Fabian Ramos, Ethan Joseph Parungao, Jacob Michael Blanco, Chad Louis Gabato, Benjie De Mesa, Seb Rafael Santos, and Lance Lopez.

The competition was intense, with swimmers pushing their limits to achieve personal bests and break records. The top five teams of the meet were:

Cavite Blue Wahoo Swimming Club – 1250 points
Bosay Resort Aquatic Club – 835.50 points
Swim Masters Swimming Team – 817 points
Alabang Country Club Gators – 689.50 points
Amphibious Aquatics (Guam) – 680.50 points

The Bosay Resort Aquatic Club

Hospitality and Generous Support
Swim League Philippines ensured that the event was not just about competition but also about fostering a sense of community. Participants were treated to an array of freebies, including souvenir shirts and certificates. Coaches received shirts from Antbox Apparel and additional incentives from SLP. The hospitality extended to providing hearty lunches and merienda for the coaches, generously donated by SLP supporters.

The event was supported by top swimming brands such as Splash and Dash, TYR, and Finis. Additionally, SLP welcomed a new sponsor, Kokola Biscuits from Indonesia, whose contribution added to the festive and supportive atmosphere of the meet.

Recognizing Dedication and Support
The meet also served as an opportunity to recognize and honor those who have shown unwavering dedication and support to Philippine swimming. Plaques of appreciation were awarded to several key supporters, including Eric Hipolito of Splash n Dash, the Central and Northern Luzon Swimming Coaches Association, Joshua Robert Cosare, Rolando dela Cruz, the Manila International Alliance of Swimming Coaches, and Emer Matienzo. Their contributions have been invaluable in the continued success and development of swimming in the Philippines.

A Promising Future
The 6th Anniversary Swimming Meet, “The Swim Battle,” has set a high standard for the upcoming meets in the series. With the meet technical team, supervised by Marvin Villa and Elmer Vidas, ensuring the smooth running of the event, participants and spectators alike left with high spirits and great anticipation for the next competition.

Details of the second meet in the series, which promises to be even more challenging, will be released by Swim League Philippines in the coming week. The success of “The Swim Battle” is a testament to the vibrant and growing swimming community in the Philippines and its strong international connections.

As the final cheers echoed through the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center, it was evident that the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and excellence in swimming is alive and thriving, promising even greater achievements and more exciting competitions in the near future.

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