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Amazing venue for ISF Jinjiang 2020 Gymnasiade with black technology and drinkable water quality


Jun 29, 2022

Source:  Jinjiang 2020 Gymnasiade
Editor:  GuShanshan

Modern venues, professional competition fields, excellent spectating experience…
The advanced natatorium won praises from all athletes and spectators.

Photo by Qin Yue

This competition venue is among the top natatoriums I’ve been to, comparable to any world-class natatorium.

It’s enjoyable to swim here.

Wang Jing, from the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, won the gold medal in the Girls’ 50m Breaststroke. As an experienced swimmer, she said that the water at Jinjiang Gymnasiade Sports Center was very clear, and this high-standard competition venue made her dedicate herself to the competition and finally achieve a good performance.

First-class facilities help athletes achieve a good performance. (photo by Qin Yue)

The operator of Jinjiang Gymnasiade Sports Center is Guangzhou Pearl River Sports & Culture Development Co., Ltd. (GPRSCD). According to Lin Jinting, a worker of GPRSCD, the water temperature of the constant-temperature swimming pool at the natatorium is always kept between 26℃ and 28℃.”Currently, the diatomite filtration and disinfection that is commonly used at high-standard competition pools are adopted at the venue. Besides, the ozone disinfection equipment and salt chlorine generators make the water quality reach the drinkable water standard.”

Although the athletes are all good swimmers, the security work still should not be neglected. One of the “black technologies” adopted at Jinjiang Gymnasiade Sports Center is the dolphin lifesaving system. “We installed underwater intelligent sensing cameras at four specific locations in the pool. Each camera has a photographic angle of more than 90 degrees, and two cameras in a group form a wide-angle of more than 180 degrees, with full coverage and no blind spot or dead corner,” said Lin Jinting. The cameras monitor the pool 24 hours a day, collect images and data and process them through computer graphics processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, automatic control, wireless alarm, and other techniques. “When there is a danger at the venue, the system will send out the alarm information in the first time, and assist lifeguards to find the drowning person within 15 seconds, which can be accurate to the specific location, while informing the monitoring room, in a bid to provide double security and finally realize the function of lifesaving.”

“The live broadcast has very good quality and is clear, without any noise.” At the venue, Lin told the reporter that the secret behind it lay in the indoor high-altitude sound-absorbing lappet design. “The sound-absorbing effect of the lappets in the natatorium is cutting-edge in China, and can improve the competition experience of athletes and bring an audio-visual feast to spectators.” Reportedly, the high-altitude sound-absorbing lappet design at Jinjiang Gymnasiade Sports Center was pioneering in China, and the constructor applied for a patent.

In order to facilitate the Swimming Test Competition of the Gymnasiade, GPRSCD assigned 38 workers in a support team to assist the Executive Committee General Office and the Competition Management Committee Office in the preparations, including equipment, lighting, acoustics, water and electricity, cleaning and other venue support work, and actively promote the competition. “The first test competition was held at Jinjiang Gymnasiade Sports Center. The opening ceremony of the Gymnasiade and a number of competition events will be held here in October. This is a great test for the venue and every worker here. We will do our best to support the test competition, which will lay a solid foundation for the Gymnasiade,” said Liu Yisi, General Manager of GPRSCD.

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