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1st Manaloto Sharks Invitational Swim Cup: A Roaring Success Despite the Rain


Jul 30, 2023

By: Coach Emer Matienzo

Dasmariñas Cavite, July 29, 2023 – The Orchard Golf and Country Club in Dasmariñas Cavite became the battleground for an exhilarating display of aquatic prowess during the 1st Manaloto Sharks Invitational Swim Cup. This highly anticipated swimming competition saw the participation of 39 teams with 487 swimmers from different corners of the country.
The event kicked off with a burst of excitement as novice swimmers took to the pool in the morning session. More than 300 newcomers were among the participants, showcasing their raw talent and enthusiasm for the sport. The atmosphere was electric as young swimmers nervously yet confidently dived into the waters, supported by the cheers of their teammates and coaches.

The afternoon session, reserved for the Class ABC swimmers, elevated the competition to a new level of intensity. Seasoned athletes and rising stars alike demonstrated their skills, leaving spectators in awe of their speed and technique.
However, the unpredictable weather decided to test the resilience of the swimmers and officials. Just as the competition was heating up, sudden heavy rain and gusty winds poured down on the venue. The meet had to be halted for about 30 minutes to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
Despite the setback, the meet host and head coach of the Manaloto Sharks Swimming Team expressed their gratitude to all the participating teams for their overwhelming support. The community’s spirit shone through, making the event more than just a competition but a celebration of unity and sportsmanship.

To show their appreciation, the organizers provided freebies like personal mugs, string bags, and certificates of participation to coaches and swimmers. Delicious meals were also served to the coaches and officials, ensuring everyone remained energized throughout the event.
The tournament was efficiently managed by Mr. Ronald Nicdao, while Marvin Villa served as the referee, ensuring fair play and adherence to the rules. Swim League President Fred Ancheta and SLP Director Philbert Papa graced the occasion with their presence and delivered inspirational talks to the young swimmers and their parents. They went above and beyond, braving the heavy downpour to officiate the meet, acting as clerks of course, and providing guidance to the novice swimmers.

In the Picture: Host Joel Manaloto, Referee Marvin Villa and SLP Pres. Fred Ancheta.

The computerization and encoding tasks were expertly handled by Coach Emer Matienzo, ensuring smooth and accurate record-keeping.

Overflowing coffee, candies, and cookies were thoughtfully provided to coaches and officials to keep their spirits high amidst the challenging weather conditions.
The event wouldn’t have been complete without acknowledging the contributions of key figures. Plaques of appreciation were presented to SLP President Fred Ancheta and Yingfa Philippines Manager Darren Evangelista for their significant support to the swimming community.

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